Friday, 28 November 2014

Colour Christmas

As you may, or may not have, guessed we love Christmas here at Matt-Erials HQ!

And so, to that end, here is another Christmas release for you.

Colour Christmas is a Christmas themed craft. You may wish to teach your class the various Christmas tree related vocabulary (i.e. Tree, Star, Baubles, Stockings, Tinsel and Gifts/Presents) before letting them create their own Christmas tree.

Full instructions are included, but I would suggest having the students colour all the various pieces before they do anything else. If nothing else, it is always easier to colour on a full page than colour little cut out pieces of paper.

Once they have coloured the tree and all the decorations, have them cut them out. You will need to print the tree on plain, white card. The rest can be printed on paper. Have the students cut along the dotted line on each tree and slot them together to create a 3D tree.

Once they have a standing tree, they can start to decorate by sticking all the decorations and presents in various places (wherever they may choose) on or around the tree.

Play some Christmas music for them while they are cutting and sticking!


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