Thursday, 18 September 2014

Letter Writing

Writing a letter is not exactly the hardest skill to master but, nearly everyone struggles with it, including native speakers!

One of the easiest ways to write a letter is using a frame. This simple writing frame allows the students to write the five parts (their address, greeting, letter body, sign off and their signature and name) of a letter in the right places. Each section is clearly labelled, enabling them to write what they want in the correct place. Their is also the editable (.doc) version if you wish to change it to your specific needs.

The powerpoint includes extra details of how to write a letter, an activity for your class to match the parts of a pre-written letter (the pre-written letter is written with native speakers in mind (as this was entirely designed for use in an English State school) with the parts of the frame (all you need to do is print out and cut the complete letter (into parts) and a copy of the writing frame for each team/group). 

They can then write their own letter! 

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