Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Transport (almost an entire lesson...)

Most courses, for kids at least, involve teaching transport at some point or other. So, I've collected everything I have on the subject and made it all available for you in one place.

Transport Introduction PPT
Use this to elicit the twelve types of transport.
Transport Flashcards

All twelve transport types in flashcard form (pdf) just print and use as you wish. The names are included on each card.

Transport Top Score
Split the class into pairs and have them pick a side of the page. Each SS then names the transport type in turn, roles a dice and records their score. The winner has the highest score.
Transport Naming Worksheet
Give one to each SS and have them match the names with the pictures, labelling each picture.
Windscreen Wipe

A game to test your students, have they learnt the twelve types of transport? Show them the slide and then click on the screen to reveal the transport type. If they can name it, give them a reward. If not, give another student or team a chance.

Download Matt-Erials Windscreen Wipe Here

Lesson Plan
Lesson Aims: By the end of the lesson the students will be able to recognise and name the twelve methods of transport. 

Elicit and introduce the types of transport using the PPT. 3 minutes.

Play some variety of flashcard game i.e. touch the ... or choose the right flashcard. 5 minutes.

Top Score. T Vs. SS, then split them into pairs and have them play together. 10 minutes.

Transport Naming Worksheet. SS to name the transport types, the words are provided in the middle of the worksheet, as consolidation. 5 minutes.

To check further understanding and for more production, split the class into two teams. Line them up and place a chair at the front of the class. T clicks the screen to reveal the transport type. First two SS from each team race to hit the chair, the first SS to hit the chair can name the transport type for a point. 10 minutes.

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