Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fruit Crush

Ok, so teaching food and fruit can be fun. It can also be fairly boring! With Fruit Crush, however, it should be fairly fun!

Elicit the eleven fruits from the second slide of the PPT. If the students don't know what they are you can tell them. You may need to model and drill each one.

Once you are sure they understand each fruit, have them complete the labelling worksheet.

Then split them into pairs, give each pair a Top Score sheet and a dice and have them take turns to name the fruit. If they are correct they can roll the dice and record their score. The winner has the most points.

And then, as a final, fun exercise, show them the last slide of the PPT. Have a student come up and click the "next" arrow. They have a short time to see the fruit at is travels along to the hopper in the middle of the screen. Have them name it. If they are correct they can press the cog with a tick and watch the fruit fall into the basket. If they are wring let them press the cog with the cross and watch as the fruit is crushed! The more fruit left in the basket at the end, the better!

There are eleven fruits, including;

  1. lemon,
  2. pear,
  3. orange,
  4. strawberry,
  5. watermelon,
  6. banana,
  7. plum,
  8. melon,
  9. pineapple,
  10. apple and
  11. grapes.

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