Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Food/I Like to Eat Board Game

A double purpose board game.

Use simply to practice the foods and drinks (see the list below). The students just name the food they land on.


Print the second page and create the cardboard dice. The students then role a normal dice, land on a square and role the like/don't like dice. It has squares for "I like...", "I really like...", "I love..." and "I don't like...". They then produce the structure "I like/don't like/really like/love [food/drink]", before the other player has a turn.

The foods are;
-Fruit Salad,
-Baked Potatoes,
-Boiled Egg,
-Scrambled Eggs,
-Pizza, and
-Chicken Curry.

The drinks are;
-Lemonade/Lemon Soda,
-Tea, and

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