Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Can/Can't Board Game

A board game to practice the structure "a/an [animal] can/can't ...".

Have the students role the dice and land on a square. Once they land, have them produce "a/an [animal depending on the picture] can/can't (depending on a cross or tick) [action verb of their choice]". Perfect for teaching about the abilities of animals such as swim, run, eat, jump, fly, walk, drink, make a noise. 

Some squares simply have the image of a person running, flying, swimming (that ones a fish in scuba gear) or screaming. For these pictures the students should name an animal that has, or has not, got that ability using the structure "A/an...can/can't..."

The students are completely free to choose their own ability to use in the structure. It works well as a review game at the end of a course or the end of a unit/chapter.

The animals are;
- Bird,
- Giraffe,
- Pig,
- Cow,
- Elephant,
- Fish,
- Monkey,
- Dog,
- Horse,
- Mouse and
- Cat.

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