Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Axing Lyrical

Axing Lyrical is a listening and correction exercise for teens/older children.

Hand out a worksheet (PDF) to each student and show the PPT. The album artwork along with the title, artist and album will appear for each song. 
Click on the "play" button to listen to the clip. 
Click the "pause" button to stop the clip. 
Click the "Skip Forward" button to go to the next slide and song. 
Click the "Skip Backwards" button to move to the previous slide and song. 
Click the "Stop" button to end the PPT at any point.

Have the students listen to each song clip, as many times as they need, and write down the lyric they heard on the worksheet. Once they have all got an answer for each song, have them correct the sentence and write it on the answer sheet (below the lyric they have written down).

You can then feedback the answers as a class. Both the lyric and the corrected lyric will appear on the last slide. Simply click through the slide to see them, checking the answers from the students. During this slide you can replay each clip by clicking on the corresponding artwork at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Play" button to listen to a montage of all the songs together. I have also provided a teachers answer sheet (PDF) for you.

It's a great way to get the students listening, writing and correcting (thus consolidating their existing knowledge of various language points that many people, even native speakers, get wrong). The song clips include some newer, some older songs. They are mainly pop songs so the chance of the students being slightly familiar with the songs, or the artist at very least, is higher.
P.S. I hope you appreciate, I have now lost every last inch of respect for modern music, and that hurts.
P.P.S. Although my spotting of the mistakes, and their subsequent corrections as correct, the reasons I give may, possibly not be 100% perfect. If anyone has any corrections of their own to make, please do let me know.

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