Thursday, 26 June 2014

Bear and Robot Battles

Here are two very similar team battle games. 
Split the class into two teams and ask them questions. If they are correct they can come to the board, touch one of heir opponent's body parts (it cam also work well as a part of a review on body parts) to knock it off the screen. The winning team is the one to destroy their oponent's bear or robot first!

For a longer game, as there are only six body parts per bear/robot, Robot Battle has the numbers one to six attached to each body part. If you choose to play this way, have he students role a dice if they are correct and they can remove the corresponding body part IF they get the numbers in the correct order (also a review of counting from one to six).

N.B. Once you have removed the body from Robot Battle, the word "win" appears behind, so make sure this is removed last.

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