Friday, 23 August 2013

Reported Speech Board Game

Here's one for higher levels (ideally teenagers unless you have an active class of adults).

Each student has a counter and roles a dice. When they land on their destination square they pick a quote card and report what it says I.e. if the card says "I travel a lot in my job" the student says "He said he travelled a lot in his job". They can only have their next turn if they got their previous turn correct. You may want to set some sort of embarrassing forfeit for those who get it wrong.

If they role a 6 they not only have to move and produce the language but they also have to run round the group twice. If they role a 1 the can nominate someone else to run the 2 laps.
If they land on square 5 they can move 4 squares forward. If they land on square 10 they must move 4 squares backwards. If they land on square 7 they can take the shortcut back to the start.

If you use the cards provided, the winner is the first person to cross the start line. If you want to add more cards then I would give each student a point for passing go. They keep moving round the board and the winner is the one with most points. 

All you need is a dice, the board, the cards and some willing students!!

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