Sites and Recommendations

As a teacher you can never have a enough websites tucked away in your favourites bar, you never know when you might need help, advice or inspiration. 
Check out the amazing and useful sites below;

Get Set Teach
Get Set Teach is a new website created by a very experienced teacher who really knows his stuff and definitely worth repeated visits! 

Support for old and new teachers alike, advice for teachers everywhere, lesson plans for everyone, guest bloggers, country guides to help you to decide on where to go next, vocab cards (vocards) and more! Follow on Wordpress to get further updates.

A more than decent selection of English homonyms, great for a bit of fun with your class or, brilliant if you happen to be teaching them about homonyms.

English Phonetic Transcription
A useful site for phonetics. Great if you want to find the phonetic version of a word to help your students with pronunciation.

SEN Teacher
A great site for resource making. Make customisable dice, spinners, fans and others with pictures or your own words. Just type in what you want and download as a JPEG file.

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